Nayryz festival in Mongolia
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Nauryz festival in Mongolia

During the Nauryz holiday, large and small cities, villages become festival centers, felt yurts – traditional nomad houses are erected in city centers and rich Dastarkhan (table) is laid down in each of them. Same as each family make their own table and welcome any visitors to serve with Nauryz Kozhe (main meal of the festival). The Nauryz have been celebrated by Kazakh nomads for many years. The main reason of the festival is safely passing the winter and meeting the first green and warm days of the spring.

When the Nauryz festival happens?

  • Massif preparation for the festival starts from 21st of March.
  • Officially festival day is 22nd of March.
  • Local people continue celebrate by visiting relatives, families and friends in 23rd of March.

Another remarkable symbol of this festival is that 22nd of the March day and night equalizes.

Nowadays during the Nauryz festival city squares get full of yurts, and many performances take place there. Here one can learn about the culture and lifestyle of nomads and find people wearing beautiful national clothes, listen to traditional songs and play of musical instruments, etc. In some places will be organized Kazakh traditional nomadic sports game contests!

The Nauryz festival or Spring festival

In western Mongolia since 2022 started organizing pre Nauryz festival where you can see many interesting traditional contests supported by Pamuk Resort in Ulgii (Western Mongolia). Another modern name of the festival is “Spring festival” of “Festival of the sun”.

Festival program:

  • Traditional concert where play folk music
  • Mongolian Urankhai archery contest
  • Art painting contest
  • Uncle bond shooting nomadic game
  • Best embroidery maker contest
  • Eagle hunter dress
  • Women chasing Kazakh nomadic love game
  • Kokpar or Push-Cashy game
  • Big swing game for nomadic couples and kids

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